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Inspired by the high standards of surgical instruments used on humans, we want animals to have access to the best technology available. As your partner, we work hard to offer exceptional,

accurate instruments for your veterinary practice. By using best materials and ensuring that precise standards are met in every step of the manufacturing process, we achieve the highest quality products.

General Surgical Instruments

The portfolio of ABARUT's surgical instruments includes general, ophthalmic & dental instruments that are selected to fulfill the needs for routine surgical procedures.


Offering a wide range of screws, plates, basic instruments and kits chosen to cover all aspects of animal surgery in veterinary orthopedics.

Arthroscopic Instruments

Meeting the demand for high quality veterinary products we offer a full range of arthroscopic instruments and arthroscopy punches.

Big Animal Instruments

Big Animal products complement our wide range of Veterinary Instruments

We offer custom specifications to meet the individual requirements of our valued clients worldwide. If preferred to execute the products in your own brand name, we gladly support the process.

Through the combination of ABARUTtm's carefully manufactured and tailor-made products, full availability, unbeatable delivery times and expert advice, we provide excellent solutions for the veterinary market.